The Honda Shadow in Vineland New Jersey - Lilliston Honda


Since 1983, the Honda Shadow has set new heights of quality for motorcycles. This bike is renowned for its high speed, advanced technology and comfortable riding. Honda has continued to update and enhance these features, allowing recent versions of the Shadow to offer:

Unforgettable Esthetics

The modern Shadow makes heavy use of color contrasts, matching a deep black body with bright matte silver wheel spokes and exhaust pipes. Further enhancing this aesthetic are the vehicle’s sturdy forward fork, gunfighter saddle, bobbed fenders and dark rims.

Savvy Seating for Consistent Comfort

You might assume that motorcycles aren't be comfortable, but Honda has never let such assumptions limit its vehicles. In recent versions of the Shadow, Honda has made subtle seating changes, placing the seat in a strategic upright position. This minimizes the strain on your body no matter where you’re driving. This seating arrangement also makes it easier to flat-foot the vehicle at lights and in parking lots.

Enhanced Engine

The modern Honda Shadow features a 745cc 52 degree V Twin engine, with liquid cooling, dual spark plugs, and 3D digital mapping. While specific speed features are not available for new models, previous models have been able to accelerate from 0 miles per hour to 60 in as little as 5.9 seconds. The modern Shadow achieves an estimated fuel economy of 56 miles per gallon. Its fuel tank holds 3.7 gallons of gasoline.

The Honda Shadow’s engine is easy to start, thanks to an advanced fuel injection system that doesn't require a choke. This is ideal for operating the vehicle at great altitudes or in uncomfortable weather conditions.

Bolstered Brakes

The modern Honda Shadow comes with 299mm forward brake discs. This allows it to rapidly decelerate from even the high speeds, increasing both safety and convenience.

Lilliston Honda offers the Shadow and all other advanced Honda cars and motorcycles to drivers throughout the Vineland area. For more information on finding the ride of your dreams, visit our website today.