Honda Gold Wing Motorcycles

Designed for performance and power, Gold Wing touring bikes combine sleek bodywork and a host of convenient features to make each journey as smooth as can be. Whether you prefer the safety of anti-lock brakes, the convenience of technological bells and whistles or just something that exudes simple style, Honda's Gold Wing collection has it all.

Enjoy A Smooth Ride

Experience lightweight, sportier handling on a Gold Wing bike with a MotoGP swingarm. Models with improved suspension settings and fuel-injected, horizontally opposed, six-cylinder engines pack plenty of power and deliver that rumble you know and love. Pack your must-have essentials in the attached saddlebags and sit comfortably behind the full-coverage windshield. Astride a Honda Gold Wing touring bike, you can ride all day in complete comfort.

Hit The Open Road

Gold Wing's satellite-based navigational system makes it easy to program your route and follow it as you cruise along. Trip Planner allows you to share your journey with friends, and you can change up your usual course by downloading routes from fellow riders. Browse Honda Gold Wing motorcycles with cruise control for easier long-distance drives.

Turn Up The Volume

Give each ride a personalized soundtrack with a Gold Wing bike that allows you to connect your MP3 player. Gold Wing motorcycles equipped with surround sound audio systems let you rock out to your favorite playlists.

Safety First

Gold Wing motorcycles with a Tire-Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) display the front and rear tire pressure on the dash and alert you if an under-inflated tire is detected. Consider a Gold Wing bike with an adjustable windscreen that helps ensure you're shielded from flying insects and road debris during rides. Shop for Gold Wings with airbags for added safety in the event of an accident.

Cruise In Comfort

Whether you're looking for a two-person Gold Wing motorcycle or one just for you, be sure to select a model with a seat that keeps you and your passenger comfortable from point A to point B. Waterproof covers stand up to drizzly days, and heated grips and seats provide added warmth in chilly weather.

Let one of our sales representatives help you find your perfect Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. Contact Lilliston Honda for more information about our Gold Wing inventory today.